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Executive and Leadership Coaching 

A person’s core energy is where their energy

is focused and has a tremendous influence

on their performance and success.

Consciously choosing your energy ensures

that the energy you bring to a performance

or situation is the type you need to reach

your highest potential and greatest success.

We look at your Energetic Profile, which is your overall energetic make-up, and review your Performance Factor, which indicates

how close to your current potential you are likely to perform. Anytime someone is not performing at their best or living at their highest potential, one or more core

influencers is off and is blocking their energy.

We will create your unique success formula- Your unique way to maximize your potential and ability to achieve greater Success!


Life Transitions Coaching

Transition is defined as a change from one state or condition to another. Since we are holistic beings a transition in one area affects all others. We are currently in an unprecedented time of change in the history

of humanity.

Approaching any transition with a highly conscious and wide-ranging view, allows you to see the opportunities, possibilities and solutions available to you as you move through these transitions.

      Examples of typical transitions-​​

  • Moving or Changes to your living environment

  • New job or position, loss of a job, retirement, becoming an empty nester.

  • Relationship Changes- Marriage, Divorce

  • Health Changes- you or a family member

  • Financial Changes-you or a family member


     Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Mastery is a mindset derived from

a high level of consciousness.

It is the intangible and immeasurable that influences your energy and behavior.

These factors involve your sense of purpose and meaning in all aspects of your Life.


Connection to purpose-alignment of your consciousness and energy to your purpose, beliefs, values, desires and goals.

As your Coach, I work as a vibrational 

conduit for your expansion and integration

of high energetic conscious awareness, perspectives, thoughts, feelings and actions.

This higher level of integrated consciousness, high energetic presentation and conscious choice allows you to identify and take the action steps necessary that lead you to spiritual life mastery.

Book Deborah for an Energy Leadership Assessment and Nine Session Coaching Package 

Specialized Programs,

Training, Workshops, and Assessments

3 Month and 6 Month 

Coaching Packages available

in addition to the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and a

90 minute debrief prior to starting

the Sessions.

The ELI enables the client to gain awareness of their subconscious beliefs, patterns and behaviors.

Contact Deborah to learn more



These powerful tools

for personal

and business development can be customized to meet your specific challenges.

  • Executive Coaching

  • Leadership coaching

  • Energy Leadership Assessment

  • Spiritual Coaching 

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