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 New Energy Coaching


New Energy Coaching...

Would you like new positive energy in all aspects of your Life?

There has never been an easier time to bring in higher vibrational Energy to transform your Life!

   As an Executive, Leadership and Spiritual Coach, I focus on my clients 

energetic presence, engagement and belief structure to help them to

Level Up  their Life!

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The most important kind of Leadership is Self-Leadership.

It is based on a foundation of self-awareness, thus leading with High Vibrational Energy,

Loving Authority, Heart-Centered and Compassionate Action.

When you lead yourself and your life this way first, it creates positive impact that expands out to others  

like the ripples in water spreading out further and further.

The relationship we have with our self is the model template for all other relationships.

We experience a vibrational match to the energy that we are holding.

I focus on Energetic Awareness; The overall amount (Life Force/Energetic Engagement)

and the quality (Vibration/Frequency) present when things are going smoothly and also when

under a stress stimulus response, which varies greatly in everyone.

I help you to shift your mindset in order to create the outcomes you desire.


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Certifications & Training

ICF Accredited Executive and Leadership Coach

iPEC Core Dynamics Masters Certification in Transition Coaching

iPEC  Executive, Leadership and Transition Coach

Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner 

HeartMath® Certified Resilience Advantage™ Trainer/ Coach

Points of You® Certified Trainer and Coach

Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner

LTC Traditional Usui Reiki Master

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Deborah Harper, ACC, CPC, ELi-MP  Executive Coach & Consultant- Life Transitions Coach


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